Blue Zircon Color Scheme Preview

Blue Zircon Hotfix Color Scheme

Blue Zircon Hotfix Rhinestones Blue Zircon has been one of my absolute favorite colors since I first learned about SWAROVSKI Hotfix Crystals.  It is such a beautiful color! A not so funny story… One day I was sitting at my desk opening a 10 gross pack of ss6 Blue Zircon SWAROVSKI Crystals.  The fact that Read More

Rose Color Scheme Preview

5 Colors That Match Perfectly with Rose Hotfix Rhinestones

Rose Hotfix Rhinestones Rose and Fuchsia are beautiful pink hotfix rhinestone colors. They are versatile for so many different types of rhinestone designs… Valentines, Easter, Spring & Florals, Cancer Ribbons… the list of uses for this color go on and on.  When creating rhinestone designs with rose as your primary hotfix color, try pairing with Read More